Original Australian Grown Nerada Tea - Tea Bags

Original Australian Grown Nerada Tea - Tea Bags
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Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world.
T'ien Yiheng, Chinese Poet

The lush, misty hills of the Atherton Tablelands in Tropical North Queensland are one of Australia‚Äôs finest agricultural regions. The combination of rich volcanic soil, high altitude and ample rainfall provide the perfect conditions to grow quality tea that rivals some of the best in the world.

Grown without the use of pesticides Nerada Tea is harvested, manufactured and packed throughout the year. From tea bush to your cup can take as little as four weeks, enabling us to provide you with a fresh aromatic cup of tea that has its own unique satisfying flavour.

Our range of tagged and tagless teabags contain 100% Australian Grown Pesticide Free tea.The packet is made from 95% Recycled Cardboard. Only oxygen whitened teabag paper has been used that has not been treated with Chlorine or Chlorine based compounds.