Nerada Organics Green Tea and Ginger

Nerada Organics Green Tea and Ginger
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Smile your little smile --- take some tea with me awhile. Brush away that black cloud from your shoulder. Twitch your whiskers. Feel that you're really real., Another tea-time --- another day older.
Jethro Tull: One Brown Mouse

Nerada Organic Green Tea & Ginger is a blend of specially selected imported tea and ginger. It has a light aromatic liquor with a unique refreshing natural ginger flavour.

The ingredients have been grown using only nature‚Äôs natural resources. No pesticides, fungicides or artificial chemical fertilisers have used in the cultivation of this tea. It is certfied to have been grown, processed and packed to the International Organic Standard (IFOAM).

  • 50 Tea Cup Bags
  • 75g per Pack