Keeping Cool In The Tropics

Tea is a unique beverage in that on cold days, it can warm someone up, while on a hot day it can cool the person down. Tea is therefore a perfect drink to consume when playing cricket, as both batters and fielders standing in the hot sun, can return to the pavilion to drink tea and be refreshed.

In the tropics, tea helps the body to sweat, and the natural sweat has the effect of cooling the body. It works much better than water or soft drinks because of this.

It also has a more lasting effect, enabling players to stay longer in the crease, or on the field, without feeling thirsty as quickly as they would if they had purely consumed soft drink or water.

In hot Asian countries, like Malaysia and Singapore, they divide foods and drinks into those that are ‘heatie’ and those that are ‘coolie’. Certain foods and drinks have the effect of either cooling the body or heating it up. To stay comfortable in the hot climate, what people are trying to do is to maintain an even heat or coolness inside the body, to balance the temperatures, even though it may be very hot outside. If these temperatures are out of balance it can be very uncomfortable. Wine and coffee have the effect of heating the body, which can make the body feel very uncomfortable in hot weather, whereas tea helps to cool the body. The idea in these hot climates is to select the drinks and foods that cool the body, and don’t heat it up.