Top herbal teas to enjoy in winter

As the weather turns colder, a piping hot cuppa is the perfect way to warm up and chase away those winter blues and sniffles. Made by infusing dried herbs, fruits and spices, herbal teas have been used since ancient times for their reputed medicinal qualities. Grab your ugg boots, pop on the kettle and find out more about some of our favourite organic herbal infusion blends to enjoy in the colder months.

Lemon & Ginger

Our organic Lemon and Ginger tea is one of our most popular herbal infusions to enjoy over winter. Not only is it thought to aid with digestion, it is also believed to have energy-boosting properties plus immune-boosting effects. If your throat is feeling ticklish, then this delicious and zesty blend may help.


Mint has been used for centuries for its purported medicinal properties and is another one of our most popular herbal infusion varieties. With its sharp and refreshing flavour, it is thought to aid digestion and it smells incredible. New to our online store, you can now have our organic Peppermint and Ginger infusion delivered directly to your door. Both ingredients are reputed to aid digestion, so this blend is particularly good to drink after a meal or to unwind at the end of the day. Together, the peppermint and ginger creates a warming, flavoursome beverage. Drink without milk.


Feeling stressed and rundown? A soothing cup of our organic Camomile tea may be just the antidote to help you unwind and fight off a winter cold. Derived from a daisy-like plant, Camomile is widely regarded as a mild tranquiliser and sleep inducer and it tastes fruity and delicious.

Rooibos & Vanilla

Rooibos (pronounced “Roybuss”) is a shrub-like bush native to South Africa known as ‘red bush’. Rooibos is actually part of the legume family, Aspalathus linearis, and is naturally caffeine-free. Our Rooibos & Vanilla organic blend has a beautiful red colour and a naturally sweet flavour that can also be smoky, woody, floral and caramel-like. A cup of this brew on a chilly winter’s afternoon is the ultimate pick-me-up.


Did you know that Rosehip tea is made from the fruit and seeds of the wild rose plant? This subtly sweet and tangy tea is incredibly high in Vitamin C, making it a wonderful immune booster.

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