Social Responsibility

Buy Fairtrade to help create change

What is Fairtrade?

When you choose to drink our Fairtrade certified tea, you can rest assured that the farmer has been paid a fair price, and that their workers are operating in decent working conditions. In fact, by choosing to buy Fairtrade products, you are actively supporting and empowering farmers and workers in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Fairtrade is a not-for-profit organisation that works in partnership with farmers to provide fairer prices, better terms of trade and better conditions for workers in countries where fair working practices are not in place. Fairtrade also provides funds to farmers’ communities to help improve education, healthcare and environmental sustainability.

According to the Fairtrade website, more than 1.65 million people in 74 different countries work within Fairtrade certified organisations. But the hard work doesn’t stop there. Fairtrade works from the ground up, from the farmers and workers growing crops and producing raw materials, right through the supply chain and to the place where you buy the end product.

Nerada’s Fairtrade Footprint


When you see the Fairtrade Mark, you can be sure that the ingredients used have met with strict internationally-agreed social, economic and environmental standards. Many of the products in the Nerada Organics range are embellished with the Fairtrade Mark – a blue and green symbol depicting a waving farmer. When you purchase an Australian grown Nerada product that does not feature the Fairtrade Mark, it simply means that the ingredients have been sourced within Australia, where fair working practices are already in place.

How you can get involved

Nerada is immensely proud of our relationship with Fairtrade. We are active participants of the World Fairtrade Challenge, a global campaign where Fairtrade farmers, supporters and business partners from across the world stand together in solidarity. Follow us on Facebook for updates on the next event.

We hope that seeing the Fairtrade Mark makes your next cup of Nerada’s Camomile Infusion, Peppermint Infusion, Rooibos, White Tea, Green Tea or Chai Tea taste even better.