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Nerada Tea Gains Rainforest Alliance Certification

Updated August 2019

The origins of Nerada Tea’s story are very much rooted in the fertile farming land of Far North Queensland (FNQ). It’s here that our black tea was planted decades ago, and our fresh Australian tea continues to grow across 1,100 acres, harvested, oxidised, dried and packaged fresh throughout the year.

It’s FNQ’s abundant farming land, climate and focus on quality that allow Nerada to produce such high-quality tea. Since the early days of our business, our production methods have always been driven by our desire to ensure the environment is treated with the utmost respect and our hope that our Queensland plantation remains a viable, sustainable estate for years to come.

Nerada’s robust quality control has enabled the black tea production to become pesticide free across our entire FNQ plantation. It’s a fact we’re proud to stamp across all our black tea product range, educating tea drinkers about the fact that our black tea is grown without the use of potentially harmful pesticides.

And now, in 2018, we can announce that after working hard to ensure our plantation is even more environmentally sustainable, Nerada Tea’s plantation has been Rainforest Alliance Certified™. And we are proudly the first Australian tea plantation to be awarded this certification seal.

What does it mean to be Rainforest Alliance Certified?

This approval achieving Rainforest Alliance certification, means that our farm has been audited to meet the rigourous standards that require environmental, social and economic sustainability. Rainforest Alliance Certified ingredients are globally recognized by the iconic green frog seal.

The certification’s standards are informed by these principles of sustainable farming:

  • biodiversity conservation
  • improved livelihoods and human wellbeing
  • natural resource conservation
  • effective planning and farm management systems

So how do these principles translate to Nerada’s management of the plantation? As a farm with Rainforest Alliance Certification, Nerada Tea must keep a watchful eye over how much energy and water is consumed in our production process. We must also protect the natural ecosystems of our region, maintain wildlife corridors and aquatic ecosystems, and we support the protection of endangered species and other fauna in our local area, such as our precious tree-kangaroos, Misty and Billy, who live on our estate.

As a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm, Nerada also needs to minimise soil erosion and improve soil fertility, treat wastewater, conserve water and reduce the use of pesticides – happily Nerada Tea has already brought an end to the use of pesticides in our black tea production.

As a certified farm, Nerada is a respectful neighbour to our community and good employer. Our workers are paid at least the award wage, if not more, and are paid overtime where required, we do not hire minors and community rights, including those of our indigenous people, are fully respected. Some of Nerada’s employees have been working with the business for decades, and we cherish the relationships the Nerada family has built with local employees over the years.

What’s more, Nerada Tea cannot rest on its laurels – we must continue to aspire to maintain the Rainforest Alliance certification standards, the compliance of which is measured by annual audits, and we must demonstrate our continual improvement of our practices on the journey to reach the ultimate goal of sustainable agriculture.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rainforest Alliance certification, head to the Rainforest Alliance website, and look out for the green frog seal on products from all over the world.

Why is the frog the emblem for the Rainforest Alliance Certification?

Frogs live on every continent on Earth, excluding Antarctica. And more importantly frogs are an indicator species, which means they are an organism whose presence, absence or abundance reflects the environmental condition or health of that area. In effect, they are a symbol of overall environmental health, which is reflected in the mission of the Rainforest Alliance. And we’re pleased to say that the environmental health of Nerada Tea is looking very strong.

About the Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit organization working to build a future in which nature is protected and biodiversity flourishes, where farmers, workers, and communities prosper, and where sustainable land use and responsible business practices are the norm. We envision a world where people and nature thrive in harmony.

In September 2019, Rainforest Alliance is encouraging consumers to #followthefrog. Your everyday personal choices have meaningful impact, so look out for Rainforest Alliance Certified™ products when you shop.